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Flatout takes control of Winston
28 Feb 03

  The NBSR Winston Series raced at Rockingham last night. Flatout454 took the win and the points lead. He seems to be on the same mission he was on in the Spring  a year ago, capturing the Winston Championship.

 Sogz_SLM started on the pole after posting a lap of 23.402 in qualifying and set sail has he drove away from the field at the start. But 4th place starter Flatout took over on lap19 and was never passed by another car for 1st while under green. He lead 145 laps of the 159 that remained.

 Tire management was the key. On a restart on lap 109 it was Flatout on the point followed by Sogz who was the only other car on the lead lap. Down one lap was D_Ness in 3rd, Drs in 4th and MGR in 5th. Put the current Speedway Champ MGR lost the handle on lap 109 smacking the wall hard. His car was smoking badly as he limped back to the pits with the drivers thinking the yellow would fly. But it was not to be as the race stayed green.

 The race was slowed just 4 times for cautions and ran green for 94% of the laps with just 16 under yellow. The final caution flew on lap 135 giving D_Ness the chance to get his lap back. So this time on the restart it was Flatout, Sogz, and D_Ness in that order on the lead lap with Drs and TDL one lap down in 4th and 5th. The rest of the race Flatout would push his car just enough to keep a comfortable lead. Sogz and Ness would battle some for second. The last 5 laps Sogz would do everything he could to keep the #25 behind him. Numerous times Ness had the chance to put the bummer to the blocking 072, but showing the class that he is he settled for 3rd. Crossing the line behind the top 3 were TDL, Drs, SessoJB, Bentaxle, eggert, scoooter, and D_Matlock.
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 Hard Charger was TDL who started 15th and came home 4th. Hard Luck guy was BWR who never made it to the starting line.