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 Phoenix Busch Recap

Team Is Getting Better!!!
With two races to go the Busch drivers went to the desert of Phoenix this past Tuesday night. Sarge would set of the pole for the third time this season. Spaceshot would have his best qualifying run of the season and would start second. Pynk would roll off fourth and the Team cars looked like they would be the ones to beat. Sarge and race winner Dalegolf would be the class of the field all night long. Space and Pynk would have great run until the last two laps. Pynk wanted the spot and forgot you are suppose to go around and not through some one. Sarge would lead the most laps and kept his points lead with one race to go. Pynk would finish 8th with Space taking 9th. Great job by all and it's been one great season!!!

Darwal cars set 3 of the top 4 fastest laps tonight with spaceshot
leading the way.
Sarge run excellent once again.

Wow. I have to give big thanks to Sarge and Dennis for last night. Sarge's
Q setup got me outside front row and I ran Dennis' race setup with just a
spring and air pressure adjustment. Thanks for giving me something to be
competitive with.

The view from Space:


                Phoenix - what a wonderful place! Must be all that warm weather there since 60 degrees has been considered a hot day lately up here. After a grueling testing session with Pynk, I was feeling a bit nervous about the race since I couldn't go any more than 12 - 15 laps without putting the car in the wall. With a new setup on raceday ( good one boss!) and a prybar to yank my head out of my posterior, I finally found some consistency and figured I'd at least be able to keep it on the track. Qualifying went way better than expected (good setup Sarge - thanks!) and landed me on the outside of the front row - right next to Sarge. Pynk got the fourth spot so the team was looking pretty good for the drop of the green.


                At the drop of the green flag, I quickly figured out that I needed to be starting in first gear and not second as I almost lost a spot immediately except that I got a pretty good run off the top of the corner. I did ok real early (with the yellows flying, it was hard for people to pass me ). Once Dale got behind me, I let him go since he was bound to get around me anyway. I soon became my own worst enemy - driving too hard out of turn 4 on a couple of occasions when I really didn't need to which cost me a couple of spots although I did manage to keep it off the wall. To further shoot my cause in the foot, I got caught for speeding on pit road sending me to the back of the pack after my first stop. This would lead to getting some front end damage when I came upon a spinning Philly near the s/f line and not having enough room to go around him. A long pitstop to repair damage kept me at the back of the field. In trying to work my way back to the front end, I got into turn one and tried driving under H_Lucy but couldn't steer down to the apron and wound up hitting him in the door and spinning him in spite of being hard on the brakes when I realized the car wasn't going to go down any lower. The end of the race saw a heated battle for 3rd thru 7th. I tried and tried and tried and just could not get past the car in front of me. I guess I made the wrong adjustment on my last pitstop having had the problem getting out of the corner on the low side. Sarge was really hooked up, seeing him come up and whiz by was quite impressive - an extra five laps and the race was his. But, I digress. With 2 to go and still trying to find a way past Ilguy, Pynk got up close and personal with my rear Black Bear sending me on a tire smokin, head spinnin trip to meet the wall. Evidently Philly thought that looked pretty cool and tried it on Pynk in the next corner. Sarge did manage to come across the line in secnd place behind Dale which was good to see. Pynk and I limped our cars around to the checkers with our tails between our legs and headed off to stand in the corner for awhile. I think today I'll grab a twelve pack and head to the garage, cop a squat,  and watch as Pynk tries soothing his crew as they put both his and my car back together.

LOL, My crew won't speak to me. Seems my recent habit of damaging the
equipment with less than 5 to go is not going over very well. They are
threatening to put the govenor back on my machine, if I can't get a grip on
myself. Then when they heard they had to repair the damage I cause you to
and they weren't getting 6th place prize money, they locked me in the john.
Then they slid a hastily copied Darwal Drivers manual under the door...told
me they would let me out when I had studied the "manners while behind a
teamate with 2 to go chapter"
Dang, its kinda stinky in here.

they locked me in the john.
Then they slid a hastily copied Darwal Drivers manual under the
me they would let me out when I had studied the "manners while behind a
teamate with 2 to go chapter"

Ah yes, chapter 3, section IV, paragraph 4 : "I will drive around my
teammates and not through them"

Maybe the line "It's better to give than receive" should be taken out of
that section.

Dang, its kinda stinky in here.

Light a match - oh wait, you're responsible for enough damage around there
already. No sense in leveling the hopper.