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NBSR Winston
California  5-1-03

Connection Bugs Strike Half Of The Team!!!!
Team DarWal went to California for their Winston race this past Thursday Night. Things looked good for a time until there was some wild times starting to  be posted. Drs thought he was going to do good until half the field was running faster then his qualifying trim. Not to worry about it he just thought he would try and run his race and not worry about all of those fast guy's. Right off the bat AU98 could not make any laps in practice as he was having electrical problems. His crew could never find the problem so they loaded their car on the truck and headed home. After qualifying Drs would lead the team (6th) Eggert_22 (9th) and G-Man would start 15th. The race started out as a fast pace as Drs would miss some spinning cars along with Eggert and G-Man. Drs could not keep up to good but just was going to try and finish on the lead lap. His first pit stop would cost him as he hit 57 mph going down pit road and got caught for speeding. He would lose two laps which he never made up. Eggert was hanging in there but he to would experience those electrical bugs to and had to call it a night. G-Man had a great race just plugging along keeping his nose clean.In the end no one had any thing for Craig3xFLM as he smoked the field. G-Man would lead the team with a 6th place finish. Drs (11th) Eggert_22 (14th). The NBSR Winston heads to Richmond next week. Good luck guy's and lets get this ship back on the water!!!