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Dalegolf Stay's Hot!
Takes Win #6
14 May03

  With just two races to go the Busch drivers rolled into the desert. Drs66 lucky on Monday night must have rubbed off on his Team as Sarge won his third pole with a speed of 126.899. Team DarWal driver Spaceshot would be second with a speed of 126.126. Phily000 would break up the Team as he would start third with Pynk in fourth and NBSR Team Driver Dalegolf in fifth.

 The desert was playing with the drivers all night as djwarrior would have to quit by lap 14. He would cause two yellows and a few other drivers would drop out having their troubles also. Sarge and Dale were the class of the field as they race each other hard and clean. There was some great racing going on between the (Bobby Labonte) of the NBSR Busch ilguy_28, Hipo, Space, Pynk and Phily000. With 30 laps to go the yellow would fly as Sarge and Pynk would stay out and everyone else would pit. It would not take long for Dale as he would take the point. With 20 to go we would have one more yellow and this time Sarge and Pynk would pit. They would come out 8th and 9th. Having to work there way through traffic was just what Dale needed. Sarge would make a strong charge but would come up short. He was cutting the time down but ran out of laps. With two to go Pynk would get into the back of his team mate Space going into turn one bringing out the yellow and the dash back to the line. Phily000 would use the 8 tires handle better then 4 on Pynk in turn three ending a wild night. Dale would take his 6th win of the season with Sarge in 2nd, Hipo would finish 3rd, ilguy_28 4th and Phily000 would come home in 5th.
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 Hard Charger goes to H_Lucy 14th to 6th. Head Ache goes to Space 2nd to 9th. Drs was watching very closely to make sure Space did not go down to Pynk's pit. He did not so there will be no firings!!!! Sarge would lead the most laps (59). With one race to go, which is Daytona, Sarge has a 49 point lead on Dale. The big question in my mind is can Dale make it win #7 and can he cut that 49 Point lead out. Stay tune!!