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Texas  Busch Recap

DarWal Busch Team Places All Drivers In The Top 10!!!!
Team DarWal headed to Texas for the NBSR round #2 for the Busch Series. Sarge201 would lead the team as he started 5th and would finish 5th. Spaceshot would start 7th and finish 8th. Mr. Pynk would start 15th and come home in 9th. Pretty wild night for the drivers as Pynk and Space would have lap cars to deal with. At one point Pynk would mow the front stretch grass and Space would meet up and close with Phily000. Sarge would run in the top five most of the night except for one bad pit stop. With 12 or 10 to go he would be leading the race but there would be four drivers who had four fresh Goodyear's on their car and that would drop him back to 5th at the final run down. Team owner Drs66 is will pleased with the way the Busch drivers are running and real surprised with Spaceshot with the long lay off that he has had. Space is doing a great job and that is not to say the other two are not. Both Space and Sarge are in the top 5 in points with Pynk in striking distance for 10th. After this weeks race the Team is in 2nd in the Team Points just 68 points out of first. Look for the Team to make even a stronger showing next week at Daytona. Team work will be at a premium as the race will be set on 2x. What that means is just about 19 laps on a fuel run. Team DarWal wishes the guy's the best of luck!!!