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NBSR Winston
Rockingham   2-27-03

Team Survives The Rock!!!
Team DarWal went to Rockingham one team member short. AU98 stayed home sick. The Team told his truck driver to head home and we will see him in Vegas. Not sure how Eggert_22 felt going into the race but Drs was not looking forward to it. With him not having that great of connection the last week and getting into wrecks every night he was looking for the worst. Drs spent many hours of practice and just could not figure out how to drive the track. After some practice and a steering change to his wheel he felt a little better but not much. Drs was not even going to qualify but that is not his nature ended up turning in third faster time(23.610) Eggert_22 would bring his Dominos Dodge home in eighth (23.830) Drs game plan was to stay out of the way and hope he could go more then 15 laps as that was all he could do in his test sessions. Things were going to plan as he did not even try to race anyone. Drs dropped back to tenth and just stayed out of the way. But to his surprise he found that he was running pretty good. He did manage to work his way to second on one long green flag run. But after the pit stops he would be two laps down as he was just hoping to finish with out any trouble. But he was running better then he thought as he was able to make one of his laps up. At this point he was fourth with TDL being the only one on the same lap as him. But just when things look like they were going to be good his bad luck would strike him. After the finally caution of the night the inside line would not get a good start. Jestor would get rear ended and his car would come across in front of Drs. Drs would punt Jestor half way thru the fence and would cave the nose of his car plus pancake the right side. His run for a fourth place run would come to a end. Drs was lucky to finish fifth but after last weeks dead last finish he was smiling ear to ear. Eggert_22 would have some bad luck his self after being caught up in three of the four cautions. Eggert would come home in eighth but he maintain his third place running in the NBSR Winston Points. Drs fifth place finish would bring him from twenty third in points to thirteenth. The team will head to Vegas next week hoping to make a strong showing.
DarWal Staff Writer